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Expanded Access Programs

Expanded Access Programs are Live!

CHM has officially launched the Expanded Access Product line consisting of 9 distinct programs – each with its own unique qualifying opportunity, sure to help more people obtain the home financing they need!

The goal of the Expanded Access program suite is to offer prime rates for quality loans (in the following categories) that do not meet traditional underwriting guidelines:

  • Alternative Income Qualifying
  • Derogatory Credit
  • Investment Property
  • “Just Miss” 

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From a niche guideline perspective, here’s 10 of the best highlights available on the Expanded Access suite:

  1. Bank Statement Loan for Self-Employed Borrowers (12 or 24 months)
  2. 1-Day Seasoning following Foreclosure, Short Sale, or Bankruptcy
  3. 2-Year Seasoning on Major Derogatory Credit Events with LTV’s to 90% (No PMI)
  4. DTI’s up to 59%
  5. FICO scores down to 580
  6. Investment Property qualifying based on subject property Debt Service Calculation (DSC), which is calculated based on Rental Income divided by fully indexed PITI, or
  7. Investment Properties with 65% LTV or less are not required to income qualify what-so-ever
  8. Vest Title in a Business on Investment Property loans, and allow for unlimited financed properties
  9. Asset Depletion and Restricted Stock Units (RSU) for Income
  10. Non-Warrantable Condos: Close on the first unit in the project, Single Entity ownership up to 50%, Projects that don’t meet the 50% owner-occupancy for Investment, and much more

For more information please call me direct at 925-381-8190 or email me at tgalde@commercemtg.com.

Todd Galde


Todd Galde, Mortgage Advisor, NMLS #256864
Commerce Home Mortgage
3130 Crow Canyon Place Suite 300, San Ramon, CA  94583
Direct:  (925) 394-7732
Cell:  (925) 381-8190
Fax:  (925) 394-7697